Zuul project update 2018-12-17

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Mon Dec 17 22:57:28 UTC 2018


The past two weeks in the Zuul project have seen:

David discovered an issue in node deletion that was leaving empty
ZooKeeper nodes and added code to nodepool to clean those up
automatically.  He also fixed a race in the
test_handler_poll_session_expired nodepool test.

Tobias worked on spec for scale out scheduler (what we've been
informally calling Zuul v4 -- where we likely connect all components via
Zookeeper and remove our use of Gearman).

He also fixed an issue with github status checks.

Paul added nodepool.node_id support for job inventory files (so that
performance problems in jobs can be traced back to the hypervisor on
which they ran).

And I've continued the relative-priority work (including a change to
group projects in check as they are grouped in gate), as well as a
revision to our proposed governance document.

A number of us are likely to be less active over the next few weeks.  I
don't plan to send another status update email until January 7.

Please help write the next update email by updating this etherpad:



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