Zuul project update 2018-12-03

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Mon Dec 3 22:06:20 UTC 2018


It's been a while since I've sent one of these -- mostly due to all the
conferences and holidays which seemed to all happen at once.

There's a lot going on:

I'm working on support for dynamically adjusting node request
priorities.  Because of the current heavy load on OpenStack's Zuul
system, this should help us get results faster on changes to Zuul.

I also have changes in progress to add support for storing information
about artifacts (but not the artifacts themselves) in the SQL database.
That will make it easier for jobs to store artifacts in arbitrary
locations and have later jobs use those artifacts.  In particular, this
is in service of the idea of a "promotion" pipeline.

Finally, I'll be proposing a formal governance structure for the project
this week -- something I've been drafting for a while.

Paul has been adding support for executor zones -- a long-standing
feature request.  This allows admins to locate executors near to the
node resources they use.

Shrews added support for generic node attributes via config file to
nodepool (mainly supporting the executor zone feature).

Monty is continuing work on refactoring of nodepool TaskManager across
openstacksdk and keystoneauth libraries, and is also working with
tristanC towards supporting both statsd and prometheus for metrics
collection.  There is a new project "promstats" as part of this effort.

Tobias has been working on zk caching in nodepool, and per project and
tenant usage statistics, and a spec for a scale-out scheduler.

Tristan has proposed a roadmap for Openshift support, started discussion
about config introspection and worked on a web ui to handle generic API

Clint is working on producing reliable unit test(s) for AWS/EC2 driver.

Thanks everyone!


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