Nodepool 6.0.0 released

James E. Blair jim at
Tue May 3 18:17:38 UTC 2022

The Zuul team is pleased to announce the release of Nodepool 6.0.0.

Download it from PyPI:

Find container images at:

The release notes, included below, are also available in the
documentation with hyperlink references:


The AWS driver has been updated to achieve parity with other Nodepool

New Features

* The AWS driver now supports rate limiting. It utilizes a two-tier rate
   limiting system to match AWS’s request token buckets. The rate
   specified in the config file is used as the rate for mutating
   requests. Non-mutating requests will have their rate limited to 10
   times that amount.

* The AWS driver now supports quota. AWS only provides a quota value for
   the number of cores.

* The AWS driver now support diskimage uploads.

* The AWS driver uses a new state machine framework within Nodepool with
   significant caching in order to improve performance at scale.

* The AWS driver now supports IPv6 addresses.

* openshift and openshiftpods drivers now supports pods using images
   from private registries by configuring image-pull-secrets.

* It is now possible to configure the zookeeper-timeout. which can help
   to avoid zookeeper session losses on busy systems.

Upgrade Notes

* The AWS driver will now ignore the "Name" tag if specified. Instead,
   it matches the behavior of other Nodepool drivers and sets the
   instance name to the Nodepool hostname (which is derived from the node
   name; e.g, "np0000000001")

Deprecation Notes

* In AWS providers, the public-ip-address setting is deprecated. Use
   public-ipv4 or public-ipv6 instead.

* In AWS providers, specifying image filter values as non-string values
   is deprecated. The current behavior is that Nodepool coerces
   non-string values (such as true or integers) into strings, but a later
   version of Nodepool will produce an error. Please update config files
   to use literal (quoted if necessary) YAML strings.

Other Notes

* Kubernetes 1.8 or newer is required by the Kubernetes driver. This was
   necessary to support Kubernetes 1.22.0 and newer which requires using
   APIs that are not supported before version 1.8.

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