Zuul 5.2.0 released (security)

James E. Blair jim at acmegating.com
Thu Mar 24 23:27:50 UTC 2022

The Zuul team announces the release of Zuul 5.2.0.

Download it from PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/zuul

Find container images at: https://hub.docker.com/u/zuul

The release notes, included below, are also available in the
documentation with hyperlink references:



* A vulnerability which allowed the execution of untrusted code on the
   executor was fixed.

   Zuul restricts the Ansible modules and plugins which can be used in
   the `untrusted` security context (i.e., untrusted projects).  It also
   prohibits running programs on the Zuul executor in the untrusted
   security context.

   Ansible 2.8 and later versions support referencing builtin modules
   using the `ansible.builtin.<name>` alias.  Playbooks which use this
   mechanism can bypass Zuul's security restrictions and run arbitrary
   local code or otherwise restricted modules.

   Zuul's use of bubblewrap means that any commands executed via this
   vulnerability would still be contained within the restricted
   environment, meaning that they can not access files outside of the
   build directory or continue running longer than the playbook.  But
   they may have been able to access files within the build directory but
   outside of the `work/` directory, as well as potentially exploit any
   kernel or hypervisor privilege escalation vulnerabilities.

   The Zuul team now considers the restricted Ansible environment to be
   ineffective as a security mechanism and is developing plans to remove
   the restrictions and rely entirely on bubblewrap in the future.  These
   changes will occur in a future release of Zuul (likely 6.0.0) and will
   be preceded by more details about the change.

New Features

* Changes in dependent queues are now automatically dequeued if they no
   longer meet the mergability requirements set by the upstream code
   review system.

* Zuul now matches Gerrit’s behavior when change.submitWholeTopic is set
   in Gerrit.

   When this setting is enabled in Gerrit and a change is submitted
   (merged), all changes with the same topic are submitted
   simultaneously. Zuul will now query for changes which are set to be
   submitted together by Gerrit when enqueing them and treat them as if
   they are a set of circular dependencies.

   If the projects are not part of pipeline queues which are configured
   to allow circular dependencies, then Zuul will report failure on
   enqueue. Be sure that the submitWholeTopic setting in Gerrit and the
   allow-circular-dependencies setting in Zuul match.

   This functionality requires an HTTP connection to Gerrit. If only an
   SSH connection is available, then changes submitted together will be

* The ability to configure Microsoft Login as an OpenID Connect
   authentication provider has been added.

* Zuul now reports total resource usage statistics.

   The following statistic is emitted:


   Gauge with the currently used resources by tenant in total, i.e., all
   nodes belonging to a tenant, regardles of their state.

* It is now possible for jobs to skip retries caused by failures in
   ‘pre-run’ by returning retry: false:

      - zuul_return:
              retry: false

Upgrade Notes

* Zuul now reports total and in-use resource usage statics separately.

   To distinquish those, the following statistics have been renamed:

     zuul.nodepool.resources.tenant.{tenant}.{resource} -> 

     zuul.nodepool.resources.project.{project}.{resource}: -> 

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