Zuul 4.0.0 released

James E. Blair jim at acmegating.com
Mon Feb 22 23:19:50 UTC 2021

The Zuul team is pleased to announce the release of Zuul 4.0.0.

Download it from PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/zuul

The release notes, included below, are also available in the
documentation with hyperlink references:



This is the first 4.x release of Zuul. It requires some deployment
changes by operators which have been carefully planned in order to
facilitate work on Zuul version 5, which will be the first version of
Zuul where every component is fault tolerant and able to scale. If you
read the release notes for the last 3.x release, you may have already
made all of the required changes. If not, please do so before upgrading
to version 4. Every required change in version 4 is optionally supported
in 3.19, so it is safe to make these changes and then upgrade. Please
read all of the notes below, especially in the “Upgrading” section for
details. The primary additional requirements are:

        TLS ZooKeeper connections

        Network connectivity from all components to ZooKeeper

        An SQL database

With these changes in place, it is anticipated that further upgrades to
Zuul made in support of the scale-out-scheduler work will be done with
minimal disruption in the course of normal releases between version 4
and 5.

New Features

* The action “promote” is now available via the tenant-scoped REST API
  using the zuul cli.

* Builds in the SQL reporter have a “held” attribute set to True if the
  build triggered a autohold request. Builds can be filtered by held

* Subdirectories of zuul.d or .zuul.d can be ignored when reading
  configuration by placing a .zuul.ignore file inside them.

* The find module is now allowed to run on the executor.

* Changes can now be dequeued via the Github checks API. If a github
  reporter is configured to use the checks API, all running checks will
  provide a custom “Abort” action.

* Zuul now respects GitHub review requirements when enqueuing into gate
  pipelines. This works for github.com and GitHub Enterprise starting
  with version 2.21.0.

* Jobs may specify the new intermediate flag to note they may only be
  inherited by abstract jobs. This can be useful if building a job
  hierarchy where wish to limit where a base job is instantiated.

* The builds/ and buildset/ API endpoints now include information about
  retried builds. They are called non-final as those are all builds that
  were retried at least once and thus weren’t visible to the user so

* The builds/ API can filter those retried builds and you might exclude
  them from API result by setting final=false in the API request.

* An option to use the URL of the Zuul build page when reporting has
  been added. This feature requires that all the pipelines in the tenant
  have a SQL reporter configured, and at least one of tenant.web-root or
  web.root must be defined.

  See tenant.report-build-page.

* REST API: authorizations: add a tenant-scoped endpoint at
  '/api/tenant/{tenant}/authorizations'. Calling the endpoint will
  return a list of admin tenants limited to the scoped tenant, if the
  user has admin privileges on it.

* Host key checking is now disabled for a host in the generated Ansible
  inventory if host-key-checking is set to False in the corresponding
  nodepool config.

Upgrade Notes

* Support for Ansible 2.7 has been removed.

* If using a SQL reporter, the zuul_builds table will be updated with a
  new 'held' column. The zuul-scheduler and zuul-web services need to be
  restarted together for the change to take effect.

* Previously the SqlReporter would record the job name in the database
  in place of the url if the url was empty. This has now been updated to
  store a null in the database for that case. Zuul will automatically
  run a database migration to correct old values.

* The -d switch doesn’t enforce foreground anymore. It only enables
  debug logging. To start zuul in foreground please add the -f switch

* Support for running Zuul under Python 3.5 has been dropped.

* As further integration with the web interface is planned, the web.root
  setting in zuul.conf is marked required and future releases may error
  if it is missing. Please add it to your configuration now. See
  tenant.web-root for additional information about whitelabel tenants.

* The components zuul-scheduler and zuul-web now require database
  configuration. There is now only one supported database connection. If
  multiple sql connections have been configured only the first one will
  be used.

* Signal based triggering of full-reconfiguration in the scheduler
  (deprecated since 3.3.0) has been removed. Use zuul-scheduler
  full-reconfigure instead.

* The zookeeper section in zuul.conf is required for all components, and
  all components must now be able to connect to ZooKeeper. Additionally,
  TLS is now required for all ZooKeeper connections. See Encrypted
  Connections for more details.

Deprecation Notes

* Defining database connections using <sql connection> is now
  deprecated. Refer to Database Configuration how to configure the
  database now.

* REST API: authorizations: the /api/user/authorizations endpoint is
  deprecated in favor of the tenant-scoped endpoint. It will be removed
  next release.

Bug Fixes

* Although the documentation states that the MQTT reporter reports the
  build's log_url, this was only true as long as
  tenant.report-build-page was disabled. As soon as the setting was
  enabled, the MQTT reporter reported the url to the build's result page
  in Zuul. As MQTT is meant to be consumed by machines, this broke use
  cases like log post processing.

* This was fixed so that the <mqtt schema>.buildset.builds.log_url now
  always contains the log url, while an additional field <mqtt
  schema>.buildset.builds.web_url contains the url to the build's result
  page if tenant.report-build-page is enabled.

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