Announcing Zuul 3.19.1 (security update)

James E. Blair corvus at
Thu Jul 23 17:29:16 UTC 2020

The Zuul team announces the release of Zuul 3.19.1.

This is an important security and bugfix release.

Download it from PyPI:

The release notes, included below, are also available in the
documentation with hyperlink references:


This is expected to be the last 3.x release of Zuul (barring any
further unanticipated bugfix releases).

The next release of Zuul, 4.0.0, will require the following deployment changes:

  * TLS ZooKeeper connections
  * Network connectivity from all components to ZooKeeper
  * A SQL database

These features are supported now, so it is important that you take this
time to switch your ZooKeeper connection to use TLS, and configure a SQL
connection. Even though only some Zuul components connect to ZooKeeper
today, you should ensure that the [zookeeper] section is present in
zuul.conf for all components, and that they have network connectivity to
the ZooKeeper servers. Doing so will make the upgrade to 4.0.0 seamless.

These changes are in support of ongoing work to enable multiple
scheduler processes for scaling and availability. After the 4.0.0
release, it is anticipated that further upgrades to Zuul made in support
of this work will be done with minimal disruption in the course of
normal releases.

Security Issues

A long-standing security vulnerability regarding executing code on the
executor was corrected.

The Zuul executor was designed to prohibit executing command or shell
tasks on the executor itself (i.e., localhost in Ansible) from untrusted
playbooks. Tobias Henkel discovered that this check has been broken for
some time, likely since June of 2018.

The use of bubblewrap means that any commands executed via this
vulnerability would still be contained within the restricted
environment, meaning that they can not access files outside of the build
directory or continue running longer than the job. However, by executing
arbitrary commands, users may have been able to connect to unprotected
internal network services.

Because this bug is so long-standing, it is possible, even likely, that
users may have accidentally come to rely on it. We discovered two jobs
in the zuul-jobs library which did so: dco-license and
promote-docker-image. The promote-docker-image job has been altered so
it no longer needs to run a command on the executor. The dco-license job
has been altered to run on a node. If you would prefer to run it on the
exceutor, you can create a new job in a config-project that uses the
validate-dco-license role.

You may want to look for other jobs in your system which may be affected
by this. To aid in that, we have created a script which will examine the
job-output.json files created by previous builds and output any tasks it
finds which are now (once again) prohibited. This script is available

Bug Fixes

* The dependency on kazoo has been upgraded to 2.8.0 which has an
  important fix for using Zookeeper over TLS.

* The Github access token URL has been updated in order to remove a
  deprecation warning.

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