Zuul 3.17.0 released (security update)

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Fri Feb 28 15:53:37 UTC 2020

The Zuul team is pleased to announce the release of Zuul 3.17.0.

Download it from PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/zuul

The release notes, included below, are also available in the
documentation with hyperlink references:


Security Issues

* The add_host module attributes that can be used to bypass localhost
  command execution are now also blacklisted using extra-vars to prevent
  abuse through untrusted host_vars.

New Features

* The Github driver now has a basic support for the Github checks
  API. To enable reporting build results via the checks API one can
  configure the the new pipeline.<reporter>.<github source>.check
  attribute on the Github reporter. It’s also possible to trigger on a
  requested or completed check_run.

  To be able to use the checks API, zuul must be authenticated as Github
  app. For more information about the necessary requirements, please see
  the GitHub driver documentation.

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