Nodepool 3.9.0 released

James E. Blair corvus at
Fri Oct 18 16:29:22 UTC 2019

The Zuul team is pleased to announce the release of Nodepool 3.9.0.

Download it from PyPI:

The release notes, included below, are also available in the
documentation with hyperlink references:

Upgrade Notes

* This release should only be run against Zuul 3.11.1 or
  greater. Earlier Zuul releases will not convert the new default
  python-path of auto to /usr/bin/python2 for Ansible <2.8, leading to a
  configuration error. It may be possible to use earlier Zuul releases
  if you you are only using Ansible >= 2.8, or explicitly set
  python-path for every image.

New Features

* A diskimage can specify the full path to the diskimage-builder command
  with the dib-cmd configuration parameter. The --fake parameter of
  nodepool-builder (only used by CI) has been removed and replaced with
  explicit calls in testing fixtures.

* The default python-path is now auto (instead of
  /usr/bin/python2). With this, Zuul 3.11.1 and greater will set the
  ansible_python_interpreter to auto when using Ansible >=2.8 to use
  automated interpreter discovery. When using earlier Ansible, it will
  remain the old default of /usr/bin/python2.

  This will remove the need to override python-path explicitly for
  Python 3-only distributions, which should be detected correctly

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