Potential disclosure of secrets defined in untrusted projects

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Wed Jan 23 17:25:06 UTC 2019

A potential vector for exposure or unauthorized use of secrets was
recently discovered. The vulnerability is removed in version 3.5.0 and
affects all versions after 3.0.0 and prior to 3.5.0.

The vulnerability only applies in very specific circumstances; if these
apply to you, it is recommended to upgrade immediately and consider
auditing and replacing affected secrets.

It may have been possible to expose a secret, or use resources protected
by a secret, if a job using a secret was defined in an untrusted project
on a system with an independent pre-merge post-review pipeline -- that
is, a pipeline with post-review set to true, manager set to independent,
and which operated on changes before they merged -- and that job relied
on the allowed-projects attribute to restrict access to it.

An example of such a pipeline is a "restricted check" pipeline, where
reviewers may trigger builds after core reviewers with additional
permissions leave a vote or label.

To take advantage of the vulnerability, a user would have to create (but
not cause to be merged) a change in the target repository which removed
the allowed-projects access restriction, and then create a change in a
repository they control which used the "Depends-On" feature to depend on
the change in the target repository, and then cause that change to be
enqueued in an independent pre-merge post-review pipeline.

To prevent disclosure or use in this situation, allowed-projects is now
automatically set to the current project when a secret is used in a job
defined in an untrusted project, and it can not be overridden.

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