New release: 3.8.0. Users should upgrade now for a security fix

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Tue Apr 16 14:56:31 UTC 2019


The Zuul Maintainers have released version 3.8.0. This new release includes a security fix and users should upgrade.

Paul Belanger discovered that from version 3.1.0 to 3.7.1 it was possible for Zuul to load and use a config (trusted) layout change in a dynamic pre-merge context. Specifically, if Zuul is running with config errors then a logic error in loading new configs allowed changes to a config (trusted) repo to be loaded as a dynamic config. Users should update to 3.8.0 now to correct this issue.

Other updates include Zuul returning FAILURE rather than SKIPPED when a job fails to have its requirements met and artifacts returned by parent jobs are now available to child jobs in the same buildset.

For more information please refer to the release notes:

Thank you for flying Zuul and for your patience,
Clark on behalf of the Zuul Maintainers

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