Oh thanks for sharing that. I agree it's always better if we can avoid wasting time writing already existing code!

On Mon, 2019-05-20 at 14:50 +0000, Florescu, Andreea wrote:

FYI I just discovered the Rust OSDev organization on GitHub and from a first look it seems there is some overlap with what we are trying to do.

I am specifically referring to the following repositories:

- ACPI: https://github.com/rust-osdev/acpi

- x86_64 looks like it can have some shared functionality with what we want to do in our arch crate: https://github.com/rust-osdev/x86_64

There might be parts of other repositories that could be interesting for us as well.

I will take some time to look at what they are doing and see if we can share something so we don't end up re-invent the wheel. I will share what I discover with you.



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