For the past years we've been using Chime for the rust-vmm sync meeting. Chime recently added a change by which people need to be explicitly allowed to enter the meeting while the meeting is ongoing. This is inconvenient and we didn't find a way to disable it. As such, we would like to switch to another application for the sync meeting.

A few features that were useful with Chime and we should probably make sure other clients also support:
- possibility to use it from the browser; we shouldn't force people to install (yet another) app for the rust-vmm sync meeting
- support for Linux/Mac/Windows
- share screen capabilities

Anything else that you think it might be useful?

Please add your proposals and requirements here: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/Videoconferencing_App_for_rust-vmm_sync_meeting#L2
Once we gather options, we can vote for the preferred application. Add your requirements and proposals by 22 January 2024.

Once we have the requirements & proposals, we will make a poll to decide on the app to use by 29 January 2024.