Hello Everyone!

Wanted to resurface this email in your inboxes in case you were out on vacation when I sent the original! 

Email ptg@openinfra.dev if you have any questions!

-Kendall Nelson (diablo_rojo) 

On Wed, Dec 14, 2022 at 8:23 AM Kendall Nelson <kennelson11@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Everyone! 

The next PTG on the calendar will be our usual virtual format and it will take place March 27 -31. The project signup survey is already ready to go! If your team is interested in participating, sign them up here[1]! Registration is also open now[2]

We have also heard many requests from the contributor community to bring back in person events and also heard that with global travel reduction, it would be better travel wise for the community at large to combine it with the OpenInfra Summit[3]. So, an in-person PTG will take place Wednesday and Thursday! June 14 -15th. OpenInfra Summit registration will be required to participate, and contributor pricing and travel support[4] will be available. 

We will also be planning another virtual PTG in the latter half of the year. The exact date is still being finalized. 

This will give you three opportunities to get your team together in 2023: two virtual and one in-person. 

  • Virtual: March 27-31

  • In- Person: June 14-15 collocated with the OpenInfra Summit

  • Virtual: TBD, but second half of the year

As any project in our community, you are free to take advantage of all or some of the PTGs this coming year. I, for one, hope to see you and your project at as many as make sense for your team! 

To make sure we are as inclusive as possible I will continue to encourage team moderators to write summaries of their discussions to gather and promote after the events as well. 

Stay tuned for more info as we get closer, but the team signup survey[1] has opened for the first virtual PTG and is ready for you!

-Kendall (diablo_rojo)

[1] https://openinfrafoundation.formstack.com/forms/march2023_vptg_survey

[2] https://openinfra-ptg.eventbrite.com


[4] https://openinfrafoundation.formstack.com/forms/openinfra_tsp