zuul-jobs testing at an impasse

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Fri Sep 17 19:35:31 UTC 2021

A quick summary...

This week, a new protobuf release dropped Python 2.7 and 3.5
support, causing tox-py27 builds for zuul-jobs changes to fail,
raising SyntaxError importing
roles.upload-logs-base.library.test_zuul_google_storage_upload. The
proposed fix is to use an environment marker to pin to earlier
protobuf on Python<3.6 for now:


Another slightly more tricky problem is that this week, a new
Virtualenv release bundled a new major version of SetupTools which
dropped support for its old use_2to3 option. This has caused
problems for a number of very old Python packages, but in our case
specifically funcparserlib which was last fully released in 2013.
Using latest virtualenv, attempts to install funcparserlib or
anything which requires it will just break. We have one document in
zuul-jobs (docker-image.rst) which uses blockdiag and seqdiag
directives, and that is indirectly responsible for pulling in the
funcparserlib package. Thankfully, the funcparserlib maintainers
acted quickly and proposed an alpha release which we can explicitly
require until the blockdiag project merges a pending pull request to
do so itself, and this is proposed already:


Unfortunately, that new alpha release also drops Python 3.5 support,
meaning we can't build the zuul-jobs docs (well, docker-image.rst
specifically) on Ubuntu Xenial. That might seem like a small thing,
we build and publish the zuul-job docs with much newer Python
anyway, however the way we've chosen to test the
fetch-sphinx-tarball role is to run `tox -e docs` for zuul-jobs on
lots of different platforms, one of which is Ubuntu Xenial. Dropping
support for Python 3.5 is happening in new releases of projects
right and left, and as of January 2022 pip itself intends to make a
new release which will no longer work on Python 3.5, so if we intend
to continue testing things on Ubuntu Xenial at all, we're almost
certainly going to need to work out how to do so with older
toolchains which can still work on its Python version.

So here's the dilemma, and my question to you. Do we:

A. rework the fetch-sphinx-tarball role test to no longer use the
   docs/requirements.txt in zuul-jobs?

B. redo docker-image.rst to switch from blockdiag and seqdiag to
   something else (another Sphinx plugin, pre-rendered images...)?

C. adjust tools/update-test-platforms.py to allow us to exclude
   specific autogenerated jobs we know can never work and use that
   to drop the zuul-jobs-test-fetch-sphinx-tarball-ubuntu-xenial?

D. remove Ubuntu Xenial testing for zuul-jobs in general?

E. some other solution I'm too braindead to come up with on a hot
   Friday afternoon?

Feedback on where I should go from here would be much appreciated!
Jeremy Stanley
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