Indexing Zuul build logs

Tristan Cacqueray tdecacqu at
Fri Nov 5 12:06:52 UTC 2021


I would like to discuss the best practices for build logs processing.

The goal is to improve the user experience when debugging a job that
produces a lot of logs (e.g. >10MB) and to help discover failures that
are transients and unrelated to a particular build.

The existing options are (please reply with your own solutions):

- opendev/puppet-log_processor : a gearman service that can be notified
  through a post job task to trigger build log indexing in logstash. This
  also provides a classify-log.crm function to annotate log with a score.

- openstack/ci-log-processing : a work in progress service to replace
  the post job task and use the log_processor through the builds api.

- opendev/log-classify : an import of my logreduce tool that runs as
  a post task to provide an html report directly along the build log.
  (The initial opendev reviewes are still in open).

- : a service to index jobs and roles in
  elasticsearch. This is not exactly related to the goal, but it is 
  worth mentioning it.

I am wondering if Zuul shouldn't support elasticsearch directly, by
providing a `upload-logstash` role in zuul-jobs, and by supporting
browsing the elasticsearch api directly from zuul-web. This would remove
the need for an extra service to do the indexing, and we wouldn't have
to process and store the logs twice.

Am I missing something, how do you process build logs?

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