Proposal: website

James E. Blair jim at
Mon Jun 14 21:41:14 UTC 2021


I have a domain name,, that I'd like to turn over to the Zuul
community/OIF, if we're interested.

Here's my vision for it:

* A one-page site that explains/promotes the concept of project gating.

* It's not immediately focused on Zuul; if the word "Zuul" shows up,
  it's probably at the bottom.

* Currently, when we talk to people about Zuul and project gating, they
  don't immediately "get it".  We should be able to direct people to
  this site, and in short order, they should "get it" (ideally, they
  should want it, but at the least, they should understand it).

* The simple URL makes it easy to remember and casually drop into
  conversations (e.g., twitter threads, etc).

* It's not super complex.  It's maybe not the place to explain the NNFI
  or Tarjan's algorithms.

* Clear, direct text with images.

I think there are folks in this community that can contribute to this
far better than I can.  I may be kicking this off, but if we relied on
me to write the text/images, we'd just end up with another copy of the
reference manual, so don't do that.  :)

Just to try to communicate the framework I'm thinking -- maybe a "hero"
sentence at the top to set the stage, then maybe one of those things
where there's a row of 3 benefits with nice graphics, then under that
there's more text...

I just described the Zuul website, so... we could use that structure --
it seems to work for a lot of folks, or maybe someone has an actual
different idea.  ;)

Okay, that's enough rambling from me.  Do folks like this idea?  Any
suggestions to get started?  Maybe we can brainstorm here for a bit and
if it sounds like the idea has legs, we can set up a new repo for it.


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