Running Zuul under docker compose demo with GitLab connection

Guillaume Chauvel guillaume.chauvel at
Tue Jul 13 12:32:59 UTC 2021

> > 1) SSL certificate verification. By default Zuul did not accept
> > certificates of our GitLab server and unfortunately the adding of
> > public keys under "certs" did not help. The workaround was to add line:
> >
> > self.session.verify = False
> >
> > into the "init" method of "GitlabAPIClient"
> >
> > The question: is it possible to add some option to disable such check
> > in the GitLab driver configuration?
> I think the reason this happened is that python requests library vendors its own CA bundles by default and doesn't trust the system CAs. You can override this by setting the REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE environment to point to your system bundle instead. You might try and see if that works for you? If it does we can probably add a note about this in the zuul docs. Python requests info can be found at

Gitlab Quick-Start:
with HTTPS:

Gerrit and Github drivers have such an option "verify_ssl"
Gitlab driver doesn't have one at the moment.

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