Recommendation for logs rotation service

Vitaliy Lotorev lotorev at
Thu Jul 1 21:23:18 UTC 2021


Zuul requires external storage for logs and I failed to find a
simple solution for removing jobs log directories after a period of time.
What I've found so far:

* uploads logs to AFS and Swift. Looking at I can't understand how
directories are rotated on AFS.
* probably Swift has built-in file/logs rotation, but I don't have
OpenStack and Swift.
* free Aftifactory CE/OSS version doesn't support plugins which are
recommended to implement cron cleanup plugin

Could you help with ideas for in-house OSS storage service that would
cleanup directories with binary artifacts/logs?
In case of logs kept on AFS are directories cleaned up
just by date (e.g. remove all 'check jobs after two weeks')?

Regards, Vitaliy
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