Gerrit master branch is always required?

Vitaliy Lotorev lotorev at
Thu Jul 1 20:17:30 UTC 2021


1. We have 'linux/kernel' repo (with Linux kernel) with 'upstream' (tracks
upsteam), 'projectA', 'projectB'. This repo didn't have 'master' branch as
it didn't make sense for repo owners and users (upst. Once I create commit
that depends-on commit to linux/kernel then Zuul reports an error 'failed
to load configuration from linux/kernel' as the 'master' branch doesn't
We had to create master branch in this and other repos that have an
upstream project.

2. In git world there is tendency to switch from 'master' to 'main' branch
(Gerrit 3.4 introduced host-level defaultbranch config [1], Gitlab
announcement for main branch [2]). Even if we would set defaultbranch to
'main' we still need to create 'master' branch?

Am I correct that Zuul currently doesn't support repos without a 'master'


Regards, Vitaliy
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