Static nodes enter infinite 'building' state

Simon.Westphahl at Simon.Westphahl at
Mon Aug 23 06:49:04 UTC 2021


On 21 August 2021 21:04, Vitaliy Lotorev wrote:
> After two days node_request: 300-0000000094 still hanging in active requests (node 0000000113 is also seen in web UI in building state).
> To clean nodepool I have to restart nodepool once a week.

A 'building' static nodes will become ready when a node of that type becomes available. So it looks like there are no usable nodes of that type that can be assigned.

Is this only a problem for a specific label (centos7?) or a more general issue? It might be that this static node is never registered because it is unreachable or the host key checking failed.
Do you see any exceptions (e.g. StaticNodeError) or log messages like "Failed to connect to node"?

> Actually this issue has been tracing me for more than a year (so it's not something that appeared in the latest nodepool versions).
> I hoped recent commit [1] (included in nodepool 4.2.2) might be relevant to fixing my issue but it has not changed anything.

We are also using the static provider quite extensively and don't observe any issues with nodes stuck in 'building' state.
To debug this we probably need some additional info, like the output of `nodepool list` and maybe the startup logs.


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