'quickstart' help needed

James E. Blair jim at acmegating.com
Tue Aug 10 19:50:11 UTC 2021

Yaniv Levy <yaniv.levy at broadcom.com> writes:

> Thank you Jim.
> Is -'d' same as '–keep-jobdir' I found in the documentation here?
> https://zuul-ci.org/docs/zuul/discussion/components.html#executor

No, "-d" is debug which is separate from "--keep-jobdir".

> how would I set '-d' or launch the zuul-executor  with the option 'keep'
> within the context of the 'quick-start' docker-compose.yaml?

They are both global command line options for the process.

> I have noticed that the directory ' ./etc_zuul/' contains zuul.conf and is
> mounted to the 'executor' container. Should I add something to zuul.conf?

No, you would need to change the docker-compose.yaml file.


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