Using React Hooks for the Zuul web UI

Tristan Cacqueray tdecacqu at
Tue Aug 3 15:57:24 UTC 2021

On Tue, Aug 03, 2021 at 08:04 James E. Blair wrote:
> Tristan Cacqueray <tdecacqu at> writes:
>> Hi,
>> This is a thread to discuss using React Hooks for the web
>> interface. The main motivation is described in:
>> For Zuul that means we could break the redux store into a per page
>> reducer hook which should simplify a lot the existing code base.
>> To achieve that we would need to modify the existing class based
>> component into function. The good news is that we can do that
>> incrementally, component by component.
>> I recently did such refactor for an application similar to zuul web
>> interface with great success and I would be happy to help with such
>> effort.
> I have looked at both, and I find classes easier to understand.  I have
> put a lot of effort into learning the current system (with your help!
> thanks!), and despite it's complexity, I can work with it fairly well.
> Most of the arguments in the hooks-intro link don't resonate with me --
> I don't use the react DevTools plugin, and I'm not confused by what code
> I should put in componentDidMount vs componentDidUpdate (mostly because
> I know when to refactor code into other functions).

One of the key argument is that updating functionnal component
does not require learning and remembering the class lifecycle in
order to know which method need to be modified. Thanks to the hooks
system, all the logic is contained in the render function, making it
easy to reason about the state and how it changes.

> Maybe we're just not doing anything complicated enough to show those
> issues, or maybe we're just good at structuring code.  :)
> It's also worth noting they highlight several times in that doc that:
>   "There are no plans to remove classes from React."
> So we should not approach this as a deprecation -- it's purely another
> option.  We can keep using classes as long as we want.
> Having said all that, I'm definitely seeing more people assuming
> functions, so there may be a practical reason to invest in moving.  I'm
> certainly open to it, but since it's entirely our choice, I'd set the
> bar relatively high for improvements in maintainability.

I don't know how would you measure maintainability improvements, but it
seems like functional components would likely reduce the source line of
code and its dependencies.

The downside is that hooks introduce a new abstraction. For example,
I find the implementation a bit too opaque and it can be tricky to setup
correctly. Though once they are working, they provide a convenient design.

> Potentially related to this, I've also learned about redux toolkit:
> Which has the potential to simplify creating reducers and setting up the
> store.  It removes quite a lot of the boilerplate code we do.
> Here are my immediate questions:
> Have you looked at redux toolkit?  You say: "break the redux store into
> a per page reducer hook".  How might that interact with something like
> redux toolkit?  Do they address similar problems?  Or are they
> complementary?

I have not looked at redux toolkit, and it seems like React
hooks (at least for the Zuul use case) provides the necessary pieces to
replace redux (with the context and reducer hooks). 

> What's the minimal set of code we would need to modify to see an example
> of the sort of changes we would make to Zuul?  Would it be a complete
> page, or just one component?
> Would you be willing to create a sample change to show us what that
> would look like?  I wouldn't want you to spend a lot of effort on it
> since we might not merge it, but if you're willing, it could help us
> understand the transition a lot more.
> Otherwise, perhaps there's an existing example that's similarly
> structured to our code.  Though when I look at general react hooks
> examples, I don't get the complete picture for how it would work with
> all the other choices we've made.

A good candidate would be the TenantsPage component. I can propose a
change if you are interested.

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