Keeping linear Git history for Zuul-gated projects

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Tue Mar 31 15:25:14 UTC 2020

On 2020-03-31 15:59:31 +0100 (+0100), Darragh Bailey wrote:
> the general workflow of Gerrit tends to prevent the type of
> merging that would result in issues bisecting

Yep, put another way, Gerrit's "merge if necessary" model is
effectively creating a linear history for you regardless. The merge
commits being created are simply an implementation detail to avoid
altering the commits themselves when stitching them into the branch
in sequence (so `git log --no-merges` is basically linear). I use
`git bisect` and similar searches through history of our projects
all the time with no trouble. If you land on a merge commit
resulting from a Gerrit submit action, you know that the first
parent is the prior branch state and the second parent is a Gerrit
change commit.
Jeremy Stanley
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