Keeping linear Git history for Zuul-gated projects

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Tue Mar 31 09:29:03 UTC 2020

On 31/03/2020 00:56, Vitaliy Lotorev wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm evaluating Zuul for project gating.
> Currently my team is using Fast Forward Only submit strategy [1] with
> Gerrit Autosubmitter plugin [2]. Code-Review labels are copied if change
> is rebased trivially (no code change).
> We use Fast Forward to keep Git history without merges and I wouldn't like
> to loose this feature while switching to Zuul.
> I see that all projects gated with Zuul (e.g. Zuul itself, OpenStack)
> are using
> Merge If Necessary strategy. My confusion is: Gerrit has six different
> merge
> strategies and Zuul is responsible for merging all the code.
> Is there any combination of Gerrit/Zuul settings to preserve linear
> Git history?
> I'm trying to understand what is wrong with Rebase If Necessary and Cherry
> Pick strategies. Why these strategies are not preferred for Zuul-gated
> projects?
> Will Zuul fetch random commits from A-B-C chain while using Cherry Pick or
> it will try to preserve the order?
> [1]
> [2]
> Regards,
> Vitaliy

Hello Vitaly,

Pick the following with a grain of salt, my experience is with Zuul 2.5
from 3 years ago. However a lot of the underlying principles are the
same as Zuul v3 as far as Gerrit/merging are involved.  I have been
maintaining repositories in Gerrit for years and with a fairly large
audience (Wikimedia has a few hundred of Gerrit participants).

The fast forward only strategy looks seducing at first glance, it has a
major drawback though: one can not submit a change in Gerrit if the
branch has moved forward since the last patch got uploaded.  One thus
has thus to rebase and submit again.  When a repository has sufficient
traffic, developers race against each other and the race loser has to

Zuul does not support the fast forward only strategy when gating. If a
change is not fast forward (it is based on a previous commit than the
tip of the branch), Zuul still tries to do a merge commit (exactly: git
merge -s resolve) which pass fine, it runs the test and then attempt to
submit. But Gerrit eventually reject the change submit since it is not a
fast forward. (reference: ).  The strategy is
not implemented.

Another example, if you have two changes A and B both being fast
forward. They get both approved and Zuul will enqueue them. So A will be
the branch + A, and B will be tested as branch + A + B. Assuming
everything pass, Zuul will ask Gerrit to submit A, being fast forward it
will be merged. Then ask for B to be submitted, but given A has just
merge, B is no more fast forward! (some details with ascii art at ).

What I found to work is to use the "Rebase if necessary strategy" and
tick the "Allow content merge". An example of such history is

The Allow Content Merge is convenient since it instructs jGit to handle
trivial conflicts (which Zuul does since it uses C git).

When Allow Content Merge is false, Zuul still does a git merge -s
resolve and thus does not reject the change. But in Gerrit, that sets
the jGit flagSIMPLE_TWO_WAY_IN_CORE which rejects trivial conflicts. I
have not found an equivalent in the C git version

There is some past thread about the merge strategies:

The supported strategies are: merge, merge-resolve and cherry-pick. That
is coded in zuul/merger/ _mergeChange().  And I think the
default is actually resolve which mismatch Gerrit defaulting to
recursive.    Rebase if necessary although not supported, seems to work
fine in my case.


Antoine "hashar" Musso

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