Keeping linear Git history for Zuul-gated projects

Vitaliy Lotorev lotorev at
Mon Mar 30 22:56:56 UTC 2020


I'm evaluating Zuul for project gating.

Currently my team is using Fast Forward Only submit strategy [1] with
Gerrit Autosubmitter plugin [2]. Code-Review labels are copied if change
is rebased trivially (no code change).

We use Fast Forward to keep Git history without merges and I wouldn't like
to loose this feature while switching to Zuul.

I see that all projects gated with Zuul (e.g. Zuul itself, OpenStack) are
Merge If Necessary strategy. My confusion is: Gerrit has six different merge
strategies and Zuul is responsible for merging all the code.
Is there any combination of Gerrit/Zuul settings to preserve linear Git

I'm trying to understand what is wrong with Rebase If Necessary and Cherry
Pick strategies. Why these strategies are not preferred for Zuul-gated
Will Zuul fetch random commits from A-B-C chain while using Cherry Pick or
it will try to preserve the order?


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