Run a job if a directory or a file exist in the source tree

Fabien Boucher fboucher at
Mon Mar 9 09:39:32 UTC 2020


What do you think about a job attribute a bit similar to "files", but
for telling Zuul to execute the job only if one of the listed file or
directory exist in the project source tree ?

Use case is where I have a common set of jobs attached to a large
number of repositories. But some of the repositories don't have a
specific directory that contains the data used by a job. So instead of
spawning a VM and run the job playbook to discover the directory is
missing and skip the rest of the playbook's task, I'd like to tell
Zuul to simply skip the job at all and not waste nodepool resources.
Thus this new job's attribute.

Another solution is to run small parent job, in a container, to
discover if the directory exist and let run or not the child job.

Any thoughts ? Is that new job attribute could be valuable ?


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