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> >> 23. List missing nodepool drivers that would be useful for your
> >> installation.
> >>
> >> Remove "$OSXcloudProvider"; that's not a real thing, and since we can't
> >> seem to think of one, let's let our users just tell us.
> >>
> >>
> > Are we looking for a Mac OS X cloud provider example? Because MacStadium
> is
> > totally
> > a thing that Ansible uses for OS X testing.
> Do they have an API?  Quickly skimming their website, I see that they
> will build a "cloud" for you and email you when it is done in 2-3 days.
> Or they can put k8s on it.  Those models seem to fit the existing
> "static" and "k8s" nodepool drivers.  I could be missing something but
> unless you or someone else here is familiar enough with the offering to
> describe how it would work, I'm not sure we should suggest that a
> "macstadium" driver is something we think might be missing.

I'm uncertain what they currently offer. The way it was described to me in
the past is
that Ansible has sort of created their own API for it. They run parallels
on each Mac
machine for virtualization, then their own scripts handle provisioning the
VMs, running
the tests, then removing the VM when done. Something that could be
simulated, I think,
but seems like a major pain, tbh. I just wanted to mention it. We don't
have to suggest it.
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