Zuul's Roadmap and Backlog

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Fri May 10 15:46:47 UTC 2019

Tristan Cacqueray <tdecacqu at redhat.com> writes:

> Well, perhaps it is time to update the maintainer list? It seems like
> most of the maintainers only participate in the change they are going
> to use, resulting in new features staling indefinitely.

I think that's exceedingly unfair.

All of the changes you have cited are complex changes which have had
quite a bit of input from many folks in the community, including
maintainers who did not originate the underlying ideas.

One of the changes you cite, the zuul-runner series, was created without
a spec, and has ended up being *significantly* different than anyone
envisioned at the start.  Design is therefore happening in the middle of
a long series of patches.  That is a learning experience for our
community -- we will not start on a feature like that again without a

I feel quite certain that we will be able to merge the web API spec
soon.  It has received a lot of attention and a lot of feedback
resulting in many changes.  It would be great if we had been able to
merge it sooner, but I'm happy that we're going to get it right.

You mentioned OpenDev -- OpenDev is not only the flagship instance of
Zuul, it is our own hosting system, and as part of that community, we
all have an opportunity and responsibility to participate in its
operation.  One of the biggest barriers to entry for new Zuul users was
the confusing association with OpenStack, and OpenDev is a solution to
that which is already showing dividends, but it will only happen with
help from the wider community.  Not everyone in the Zuul community needs
to be a full-time OpenDev operator, but please appreciate that those of
us who are contributing to that effort are doing so for the good of Zuul
as well as the other projects using the system.

As Clark previously explained, OpenDev is not the only thing that has
been occupying our time recently.  The Open Infrastructure Summit has as
well, and our community is part of that.  I am disappointed that not as
many of us were able to attend as at previous events, but again, please
know that it is an important event for our community where we got a lot
of good exposure.  Preparing for events like this takes considerable
time and effort as well.

Finally, much of the limited review time we have had recently we have
focused on some rather urgent problems.  There was a significant memory
leak, and a large number of flaky test failures were preventing nearly
all changes from merging.  Several of the maintainers (notably Paul,
Clark, and Tobias) dropped what they were doing and dove into these
issues, therefore improving the situation for everyone.  They deserve
all our thanks.

The kind of un-self-centered action described by all of the people above
(making OpenDev happen, representing our community at events, fixing
bugs created by other people which affect everyone) is diametrically
opposed to the way you characterized the maintainers in the quote at the
beginning of this email.  Indeed, I think one of the key attributes of a
maintainer is that they be able to see the big picture and that they do
not focus merely on merging changes of narrow interest to them.  I am
very proud of the work done by our maintainers.

I think this thread was more productive in discussing potential ways to
organize our work to deal with a backlog.  If you want to continue it, I
recommend returning to that subject.


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