Correct way to trigger a periodic job manually

Ian Wienand iwienand at
Wed May 8 01:08:34 UTC 2019

On Tue, May 07, 2019 at 04:24:18PM -0400, Paul Belanger wrote:
> I just went back and look at my notes when I was testing periodic jobs
> for wheel builds:

>   sudo zuul enqueue-ref --tenant openstack --trigger timer \
>    --pipeline periodic --project openstack/requirements \
>    --ref master --newrev bce5ccf41847ca88e53a179c6e2300d29cd34e35

Yeah, that was where I ended up too ...

> > I set newref manually to the git master HEAD change-id, and it did
> > work -- but it looks different to jobs actually triggered by the
> > periodic driver itself.  For example [3] is the job I triggered, and
> > [4] is one from the periodic driver -- [4] does not have a newref.

> > [3]
> > [4]

In the rpc listener, we create a TriggerEvent and always fill in
newrev/oldrev [1].

In the timer driver, we TimerTriggerEvent which does not specify
newrev/oldrev [2].

I guess to make the command-line client submit a TimerTriggerEvent
we'd have to special-case the RPC listener to notice if it's a trigger
timer request and submit it differently.  I'd take advice if this is
actually worth the effort investigating futher ...

I think though, we're probably at the point that updating the
documentation for triggering a periodic job should suggest you
manually get the HEAD and add that as newrev?



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