exclude-unprotected-branches equivalent for Gerrit connection

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Tue May 7 13:46:33 UTC 2019

Brendan Jackman <brendan.jackman at bluwireless.co.uk> writes:

> Hi all,
> In my org's Gerrit setup, refs under personal/$username/ are a
> free-for-all. I have seen the same in other organisations too.
> This leads to the problem that is solved for Github by
> exclude-protected-branches; those branches eventually end up with
> broken Zuul configs (actually case that brought this to my attention
> is that I
> cannot delete a job that is no longer used, because the config in a
> personal/ branch refers to it).
> It seems like a simple solution would be to add an option under
> tenant.untrusted-projects.<project> that can be used to filter the
> branches considered by Zuul, by their name. I think the most obvious
> interface for that would be like job.files & job.irrelevant-files,
> i.e. a regex or list thereof, with a negative complement option
> alongside it. I think it could then behave much like
> exclude-unprotected-branches in that it works at the source connection level.
> Although I've mentioned Gerrit, I don't see why it shouldn't be
> independent of the actual source connection driver.
> This seems suspiciously obvious so I suspect I may be rather naive in
> suggesting it! Has it been discussed before, does it present more
> complications than I can see?

I don't recall this being discussed, and that's probably simply because
most of the Gerrit Zuulv3 users to date haven't been taking advantage of
that feature of Gerrit.

It sounds like a fine idea.  I'm sure it could apply to GitHub too,
though I suspect that since its branch names are not regular enough to
match a regex that we will still need the exclude-unprotected-branches

> I'm not too sure how this would related to tags. What does Zuul do
> with those? I didn't give the proposed option a name because I don't
> know if what I really want is a ref filter or a branch filter.
> In fact, I face a certain degree of pain because a couple the projects
> my Zuul deployment checks out have a lot of tags[1] so maybe this
> could kill two birds with one stone.

When loading configuration, Zuul only loads from branches and ignores
tags.  In other words, there's an implied "refs/heads/.*" filter.
Here's the code for Gerrit:


Where are you experiencing pain related to the large number of tags?
When the executors set up repos for the jobs?


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