Assigning nodeset/nodes dynamically based in user who made the pull request in github

Clint Byrum clint at
Sun Jun 30 05:16:23 UTC 2019

Quoting Kasibhatla Sarma (2019-06-19 09:00:17)
>    Thanks Paul for your response.
>    We have different teams working in different regions. We would like to
>    reduce any network delay when a build job is triggered, meaning user
>    checkins on a particular region will trigger the jobs on the nodes that
>    are associated with that region and push the artifacts into the repos
>    that are also in the same region.

You're better off just copying the artifacts to all regions, and then
using a CDN to pick the nearest origin when somebody fetches it. The
users won't really interact directly with the nodes that nodepool spins
up, only the zuul-executor process and zuul-web do (for log streaming).

Do you have a clear problem statement about how things work now? Like
"users in region A viewing logs in the zuul web UI, which is in region
B, see heavy delays" or "artifacts are uploaded in regions that make it
slow for developers to download them" ?

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