GitHub API ReadTimeout Errors

James E. Blair corvus at
Tue Jun 11 16:37:55 UTC 2019

Paul Belanger <pabelanger at> writes:

> Greetings,
> We (ansible team) are running into a issue using the zuul github
> driver, please see the following pastebin:
> As you can see, we don't seem to be getting reliable network access to
>  I am currently trying to figure out if this is a
> network issue with our control plane provider (vexxhost) or something
> related to GitHub side (eg: bad load balancer).  However, what it does
> result in, is Zuul missing events from GitHub and not properly enqueue
> PRs into the pipelines.
> I understand there is only so much we might be able to do regarding a
> network issue, but I'd be interested to hear if there are idea of how we
> could tolerate them more. I also wonder if we should be reporting these
> issues back to the users PR too.
> My main goal is to minimize the amount of humans that _think_ zuul is to
> blame for tests not being run on their PRs, when in fact it is something
> else.

That is a 10 second read timeout, which means that either GH did not
begin sending a response within 10 seconds after the request was sent,
or that there was more than a 10 second gap between receiving packets.

Aside from continued network diagnostics there are two things we could
do in Zuul itself:

1) Increase the read timeout (if we think that for some reason, waiting
longer would be productive).

2) Retry requests.

But I'd start with some packet captures to see if there's any further
information to be found there.  That might suggest whether either of
these options would be helpful or a hindrance (eg, increasing a timeout
for something that will never return).


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