Toggle host-key-checking per label

Paul Belanger pabelanger at
Wed Jun 5 18:02:38 UTC 2019


I'd like to get a few eyes on please,
as I'm currently blocked on doing some network automation with nodepool
/ zuul.  Due to issues with a network appliance, we have a use case
where an interface comes online but there is no default gateway assigned
(apparently this needs to be done by a human).  In this case, we
actually want nodepool to launch the node, but not scan for hostkeys.
This is okay for us, because zuul doesn't directly manage this node (due
to connection being network_cli), we actually create a nodeset with
another node (fedora) that zuul can still reach then use nested ansible
to provision the network appliance.

We cannot move the network node into its own pool, because we cannot
split labels multinodes across pools, we get node_failures back from

I'm open to other ideas / solutions to work around this use-case, but
believe adding a host-key-checking toggle at the label level, should

- Paul

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