swift upload jobs + ara-report

Mohammed Naser mnaser at vexxhost.com
Mon Aug 26 02:48:32 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

The ara-report role combined with swift upload is causing a huge
amount of objects generated, which I think need to be optimized in
order for the role to be more usable.

So, given that we're one of the clouds that OpenDev uses to publish
job results, I've managed to pull some general information from that
object storage cluster.. for yesterday (a sunday), there was 180k PUTs
for *static* ARA assets .. and that's on a quiet day.  Let's take a
more busy day, Thursday, that resulted in 375,000 PUTs for static ARA

I think over the long time, this won't be sustainable, given an
average of 200k, we're storing millions of objects per week that are
being duplicated.  While storage is cheap, the large number of objects
starts presenting challenges (as an operator).  Sure, we can decide to
solve the server-side bits, but I think Zuul being a bit nicer against
the clouds they talk to is a good thing (given there is actual costs
that come from storage).

I would like to propose that we somehow stop pushing static assets of
ARA into object storage and keep them stored in some common location
that ARA references to.  I think this would *massively* decrease the
load that is put when using Swift to publish logs.  I'm open to other
ideas as well.


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