Increasing project visibility

Thierry Carrez thierry at
Fri Aug 23 10:30:38 UTC 2019

Matthieu Huin wrote:
> Would it be worth the effort to aggregate articles and advertise 
> upcoming or previous talks/workshops in public events, on something like 
> "openstack planet" directly on <>? This 
> might not increase visibility but would start building "credibility" in 
> a way.

Before going to deep into specific tactics to increase "visibility", I 
think it would be good to define desirable (and reasonable) objectives, 
i.e. what success would look like. I would personally pitch:

- Be mentioned on the first page of google results if you search for 
"open source CI tools" (not necessarily the Zuul website itself, could 
just be an article on CI tools that mentions Zuul)

- Identify 5 new, previously-unknown, Zuul users

There are various tactics that can be used to reach those results (in 
particular for the first objective), but do we agree that those are 
desirable outcomes ? Any other measurable, reasonable, and desirable 
Zuul visibility objective we could aim for?

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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