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Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Mon Aug 5 04:27:46 UTC 2019

With AnsibleFest just around the corner, I'm looking forward to
seeing lots of you again. As many on this list are probably already
aware, there will be a Zuul booth and I expect to spend a fair
amount of time there talking to new folks about what Zuul is and why
I think it's so amazing. I hear there will be some talks there which
mention Zuul as well, so hopefully that helps spread the word to
even more attendees.

This got me thinking about how growing Zuul depends on growing our
community around it, but to do that people need to know it exists in
the first place. Speaking engagements and talking to folks at
conferences are great ways, we have a slick looking Web site, some
members of the community write articles or get interviewed about
cool things they've done with Zuul, we're featured prominently in
OSF marketing materials and newsletters... but what else can we do
to get out the message, and how can we tell what's working to reach
our future community and what isn't?

Let's see what more we can come up with! Who's got suggestions?
Jeremy Stanley
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