Proposal to use React for the web dashboard

Tristan Cacqueray tdecacqu at
Mon Aug 20 03:12:59 UTC 2018


As we are about to add more functionalities to the web dashboard,
I would like to suggest we replace Angular by React.

In the context of the log-classify project, I experimented with different
frameworks to write user web interfaces. I tried Angular, VueJs and React,
and the latter works best. React seems less obscure than Angular and it is
more widely used than VueJs.
The main advantage for me is that React's components are in charge of the
rendering and you can follow the code from main() to actual page code.

Here is a prototype for the Zuul web interface re-written in React:

The highlights are:
* The status page jquery code has been rewritten,
* It uses patternfly for the new "Masthead" bar,
* Tenant name is displayed on the top right, and
* Routing uses HTML5 history API (links doesn't have .html extension)

The downsides are:
* The new routing needs extra rewrite rules, and
* Sub-directory deployment needs to rebuild the files with
  the desired static assets serving location.

We could simplify the sub-directory use-case using a custom dynamic
discovery mecanism, for example with a /.well-known/zuul-manifest.json file,
but this has not been implemented yet. There may be other options,
but by default React app are served from the / top location.
Please find further details about this specific issue.

Are there many zuul web dashboards served from a sub-directory?


Details about sub-directory and static files location:

I first tried to set the "homepage" setting to "./" so that static
files would be loaded relative to the requested path, but that doesn't
work for url like "/job/{name}" where static files will be loaded
from "/job/static/js/..."

The "homepage" default settings is "/" and the index.html loads
static assets from "/static/".

The current solution is to manually change the "homepage" to the
desired location, e.g. "/zuul/" and rebuild the UI so that the
index.html loads static assets from "/zuul/static", even when it
is accessed from "/zuul/job/{name}"

Or without rebuilding, the zuul static assets needs to be served
from /, even when client are using a sub-directory. This is not
very clean and it may cause conflicts.

Another solution is to use the HashRouter instead of the
BrowserRouter, but then url will look like this:

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