Behavior change in tox-pep8 job

James E. Blair corvus at
Wed Jul 10 17:19:05 UTC 2019


We'd like to make a change to the tox-pep8 job in zuul-jobs.

We recently noted that tox-pep8 jobs run the test-setup role (which
executes a script if it is found).  This is typically used
to set up external services or configuration needed to run unit tests.
But since pep8 does not typically require this, the time is wasted.

We added a flag to the test-setup role to allow a job to indicate that
it should be skipped.

The change at will set that flag to
"true" for the tox-pep8 job, meaning that, by default, tox-pep8 will no
longer run the test setup script.

We don't expect this to affect many (if any!) users, however, if it does
affect you, you can set the "test_setup_skip" variable to true:

You can safely do that ahead of time.

We plan to merge the change on July 25.



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