Behavior change in build-reno-releasenotes (was Re: Behavior change in tox-docs)

Andreas Jaeger aj at
Sun Aug 25 15:35:09 UTC 2019

Similar to the change for tox-docs (see full quote below), I'd like to
update build-reno-releasenotes to support promote-based work for
publishing releasenotes - and thus switch it to fetch-sphinx-tarball as

See for the job.

I'll plan to merge the change after 9th of September,


On 14/08/2019 19.35, Monty Taylor wrote:
> Hi!
> We'd like to make a change to the tox-docs job in order to better
> support the promote-based work using zuul artifacts.
> This means we'll be changing the underlying implementation to use
> fetch-sphinx-tarball instead of fetch-sphinx-output, and as a result,
> the flags:
>   sphinx_output_suffix
>   sphinx_output_src
> won't be honored. They aren't documented as parameters to the tox-docs
> job, but since they are used by fetch-sphinx-output it's technically
> possible that someone out there could be depending on them in a
> passthrough manner.
> We plan to merge the change Aug 28.
> Thanks!
> Monty

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